Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blackberry: Quit Competing with Apple

For the last year I've been reading how Apple is taking over market share from Blackberry and RIM's gotta do something to rectify this. To that I yell and scream - "What the heck are you talking about?" Blackberry's Curve and Apple's iPhone are two very different devices. One is a multimedia powerhouse with amazing sound, graphics and videos built right into the device, and the other is an office powerhouse, with the most reliable push e-mail known to mankind.

If I was a 20-something guy who took the train to work each day (and wanted to listen to music or watch a TV show on the way), enjoyed having the latest and coolest in technology, and received under 30 e-mails a day, I would get the iPhone. But if I was that same 20-something guy with a good job, sending and receiving lots of e-mails/texts every day, and wanted one of the most stable phones on the market, I would get the Blackberry Curve. In my opinion there's absolutely no competition here.

Now I know that there are many people who want a mix of both, but the bottom line remains. If you rely on e-mail, get the Blackberry. If you want the 'Chic' factor, go with the iPhone. And if you do get the iPhone, good luck typing on it.

Lastly a note to RIM and Apple: RIM, please don't make a touchscreen Blackberry. There's absolutely no reason for it. Stick to making solid phones with full keyboards that have long batteries and never need to be rebooted. Give us 3G and built-in Wi-Fi in the next version of the Blackberry and that'll be the icing on the cake. And Apple, you screwed up. There was no reason not to have 3G, working MMS, or push-e-mail in iPhone version 1. You lost my respect by running to put a phone out on the market without it being complete - and charging a fortune for it. You have one good thing going for you - iPhone's Safari browser. All I can say to that is "WOW!"

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