Friday, February 22, 2008

eBay's Ridiculous Forgotton Password Process

Yes, I know that this week is eBay strike week, but I had to log in to take care of something. I decided I wanted to change my password, which I did. It then brought me to a login screen to log back in to eBay with the new password, which I tried, but it failed to recognize my password. Of course I tried the old password and that didn't work either. I clicked the "I forgot my password" link and it took me to a page asking me the answers to my security questions. I answered them, and moments later I received an e-mail asking me to click the link to reset my password. I click the link and see the following screen:

I entered my User ID and clicked continue, expecting to be allowed to reset my password, but instead I was prompted to login! How ironic.

I went through eBay and did the live chat and got connected to Katen who asked me one more time around to go through the same process, and guess what? The same thing happened!

Sometimes you just wonder with these companies if they can ever do anything right.

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