Thursday, July 3, 2008

iPhone Data Prices - This is insane!

It's been a while since the last time I posted. I've been busy, but I'm taking time out of my busy schedule to talk about something so insane it's simply unbelievable.

As per AT&T's website, they will now be charging $30/month for data on the iPhone 2.0. That alone upsets me because they lured people in to buy the iPhone by charging only $20 for data and now it's being upped by $10. But I can live with that. The truth is that iPhone users use the most data on AT&T's network than just about anyone else, simply because iPhone's browser is so good, and there's built-in YouTube video watching. Also the Google Maps can do quite a number on the data usage used every month.

But here's the kicker. AT&T will now charge you an additional $15 a month to use your iPhone with an Exchange Server! Are you kidding me? An exchange server uses a maximum of a few MB's per month of overhead over the regular e-mail size. And for that they're charging and extra $15? So I can have my e-mails forwaded to a GMail account and get that on my iPhone for $30 a month, but if I choose not to forward them and use my exchange server I will now be paying $45 per month. Even knowing the fact that with an exchange server it syncs contacts and calendar entries also, I can still guarantee you that the non-exchange server users will be using more data than the business users who have an exchange server.

It's about time someone opened a new cell service providor that charges fair rates. I say, bring down the price of unlimited everything and you'll have a lot more users. People want to know that they don't have to worry about going over. If there's an unlimited EVERYTHING plan (minutes, data, text, videos etc.) for $80 a month, thousands of people would immediately switch to that plan. Stop nickle-and-diming people already. Enough is enough.

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Anonymous said...

Well about the $10 extra a month for 3G data if you look at it it's only $40 extra for 2 years, how's that?
Well look at the price you are now paying for the iPhone and your saving money.

About the exchange, you said about the contacts and calendar, and said that you can use gmail forwarding, you can simply get MobileMe, that's just $99 a year.

I use .mac right now, i love it, now with push its great. However i use it allot for pictures on the web and websites and that stuff, thy said that MobileMe will have the same stuff, but i keep getting scared cause on the Apple website thy don't have much about it like thy do for the rest of the stuff.

iDisk is also great.