Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Introduction - What this blog is about

My tagline is something like "A blog about anything and everything technological." But that's not really true, because if something happens that pisses me off, I'm bound to write about it here. For example, yesterday I went to Hess gas station. I swiped my credit card at the pump and it said "read error". I continued swiping and continued to get the error. Mind you, this happened the day before at the same pump #13 at Hess. So I went to the cashier and told her my card wasn't being read. She nastily responded that "it works fine at the pump, just have the magnetic stripe on the right." I figured, "ok, that makes sense. The picture on the pump is probably wrong", but whaddya know, the picture was fine and the magnetic strip WAS on the right. So I walked back to her, handed her my card and told her it still wasn't working. She looks me square in the eye and says "maybe you should take back your card and go back to the pump because it works fine there." I responded simply by saying "maybe I'll just go across the street to Shell" - which I did.The nerve some people have...Don't they realize we pay their salary?

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