Monday, January 7, 2008

Finally a Blackberry I can use

I've been saying for over a year now, that my ultimate BlackBerry would be the 8700c with 3G (HSDPA/UMTS). I think my dreams may be fulfilled - at least for the most part - with the rumored new BlackBerry 9000 series. BoyGenius Report has more info on that. I'll tell you why I would rather the 8700c look and feel over the Curve. The 8700 is more rugged, clicks in and out of the plastic holster much easier, and has the scroll wheel on the side instead of the new 'pearl' in the middle. I know that using the side wheel too much makes your thumb hurt, and is right-handed-person friendly, but I'm a righty, and I can deal with the thumb problems. I just don't like the button in the middle like the new ones have. Also the plastic holster is a big feature for me. With the Curve, the only decent holster is a leather one, and it just takes much longer to remove and replace the device. For someone who gets e-mails every few minutes, this can get very frustrating. And lastly, I've dropped my 8700c many times and it's still in perfect working condition.

What's strange is that this new BlackBerry is slated to come out around May - why would they wait so long? In Europe they've had a 3G Blackberry for almost 2 years - the 8707! I actually purchased one of these babies on eBay only to realize moments later that the 3G radio in it is compatible with European frequencies only. Either way, I'm excited that RIM is finally taking the step. From what I understand this blackberry will also have Wi-Fi and GPS built-in.

We'll just have to take a wait and see approach.

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