Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cingular's "Courtesy Credit" Policy

Today, my friend got his first bill in the mail for his new Cingular/AT&T cell phone plan. I noticed on the bill that aside from the usual $36 activation fee, there was an additional $36 fee for no apparent reason. My friend asked me to call and complain for him, so I called Cingular Business Customer Care and got connected with Matthew. Off-topic for a second...Matthew was in middle of training. There was a supervisor sitting next to him telling him what to say the whole time. Now why would they have someone in training answering calls for Business Support? Put him in regular consumer support for a few months before promoting him!

Anyway, after he finally realized that the extra $36 was a mistake and credited it back to me, I mentioned that I want an additional "Courtesy Credit" for wasting 20 minutes of my precious time dealing with this issue. His response outraged me - "Sir, the maximum courtesy credit I can place on your account is $25, and you will be unable to get another credit for 12 months!" How ridiculous is that?

After he placed the credit on my account, I promptly asked for the cancellations department. I rest my case.

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Thanks Scarble.

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